Even a bulb has multiple components that have become smarter

Product value chain improvement is an ongoing part of innovation management and product lifecycle. Today, we can automate, program and govern a lightbulb. That's just where the technology is moving towards and that is where the demand will be. 

'SMART' Product Development

Incorporation "Intelligence Layer" within a your regular product capabilities.

Pretty much all products tend to carry an analytics or reporting structure. 

What if, your analytics could learn on its own and respond intelligently, each time a new variable is introduced or dynamic changes are rapidly augmented into the environment.

This, would be the typica; scenario for any product is deemed as 'SMART' product. 


At mExcelle, we help bring about the product evolution at modular/components levels for achieving a smartness pedigree into the operations capability 

Products, processes and technology blend together with Internet of Things, helping achieve better tracking and comprehensive, realtime data availability for decision making.

Not only has IoT proven itself capable of saving time and effort in areas such as inventory tracking, supply logistics and security, it is a great tool for implementing quality governance and compliance tracking across the organization.

Companies dealing with Industrial IoT, need to plan for returns and we at mExcelle, can guarantee positive returns within a year of implementation.

Industrial 'Internet of Things'

Capturing & relaying the I/O's from manufacturing processes to finished products 

Autonomous & Automation Solution

Capability augmentation that makes your products and processes automated and with capacity for intelligent interactions, decision making.

Whilst Internet of Things is mostly about real time data capture from various input providers, achieving automation and a degree of autonomous capability with in your product features will be a whole new level of achievement.

mExcelle works with variety of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning based technologies that can, easily become a fitment within your product features and capabilities. 

If you are looking for ways to enhance your product capability to reach a fully automated and autonomous capability, mExcelle will be your ideal partner.

mExcelle has built several robust products for our clients across industries and of varying capabilities.

From healthcare operations management products to comprehensive 'sales performance boosting' products with augmented interactive intelligence (artificial intelligence), we have made products that are winning awards for our customers.

mExcelle has a very defined approach toward products capability enhancement, code refactoring and full stack management, transition to new database technology, going cloud native for products and migrating across frameworks.

Tech Stack Upgrades and Product Lifecycle Management

Migrate your product build and technologies to newer, more stable, reliable technologies, as part of your product versioning and lifecycle management process.

Knowledge Practice Management

Baseline code configurations, version controls and comments on code pages alone make up for a significant part of any technology knowledge base, we go further in to lean Agile Management practices to deliver through Knowledge Management for your product development controls.

mExcelle acknowledges that smaller teams requires flexibility and opportunity to focus on bare minimum when it comes to maintaining best practices around coding.

We also recognize the need for effective knowledge bank development and maintenance, as a significant part of the process for any product developed.

We have helped maintain knowledge on product codex built two decades ago, while helping our clients migrate the product operations in to newer and more upgraded technologies.

mExcelle works with varieties of businesses in the market to develop best practices around product maintenance and modularization of product capabilities.

We are able to use latest in programming languages and offerings to work with old codes and integrate with product functions without any semblance of impact on the processes or people using the legacy applications.

mExcelle also undertakes to implement and maintain old legacy apps, port to modern computing environments, coupled with mobility encapsulation and enablement.

Legacy App Management

Sometimes, some codes are so perfect that the modernization of technologies and programming languages seem to carry no impact on the original product codes (or) it is simply too risk and complex to migrate the product to newer versions or better alternatives.

New Product Engineering and Innovation Management

Envision, Build, Test and Deploy.

New product development in traditional sense was about writing a piece of software or just engineering the product from its design.

Now, with advancement in technologies, products come with undefined, yet unrecognized applications owing to the augmentation of intelligence into their operating core.

Innovative products are all seemingly falling into the category of artificial intelligence driven products and if not, cyber physical world of things.

Engineers at mExcelle provide the requirement strengths needs to cover the product development needs along with process know-how on innovation management.


Evolution of Human in to technology hybrids is already up on. It is only natural to expect process, products, decision systems and analytics that are largely human operation evolve in to a phase of hyper automation. 

wExcelle creates centers of excellence around human & technology interfaces for processes that govern our everyday business functions.

We have solutions for Healthcare, Hospitality, Security & Surveillance, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Solutions, Operations and Productivity Management, Knowledge & Innovation Process Management.