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Welcome to our portfolio page, we hope that this page will help you get a better understanding of the quality and kind of work we do.
We are very passionate about what we do and stricty adhere to a finalized product based upon a completely jotted down requirement sheet.
Thus helping our clients outshine their competition and win business! .


Timefly is B2B2C platform that connects corporate employees to local volunteering opportunities and rewards them with wellness vouchers and experiences.

While employees clock-up volunteering hours and redeem rewards through the app, the corporate and charity partners gain access to data insights through their tailored Impact Dashboard. 

Timefly is essentially a CSR management tool that allows employees to give back in the ways they feel most connected to and builds an energized corporate community rooted in sustainability, transparency and real social impact.

Samaritan City

There are several dangers, vulnerabilities and threats facing us every day and there is need to enhance security across the globe. We created the Samaritan city to empower people to address these dangers and collectively take part in actions to prevent them.
Samaritan city is people centered and it is designed for all age groups from 17-100. All you need is a mobile device and some skills on how to use the application.

It focuses on the safety and protection of individuals, communities and the global environment at large. A human security approach empowers local people to address dangers, vulnerabilities and threats and the collectively take part in mitigating them.

Astral 3D Worlds

This is a visual stimulation tool with a collection of hypnotic 3D effects and fractal eye candy. You can use it to chill out, relax or meditate anytime you want. You’ll be drawn in by the mesmerizing visuals as you travel through infinity and beyond. These are also available as live wallpapers, which can be downloaded for FREE from this app.


Givey comprises offices in Leatherhead and Newcastle filled with friendly banter, a ping-pong table, a giant styrofoam sculpture of our logo ‘G’ and a deep-felt desire to make giving a social part of everyday life.
Founded in 2011 by Dave Erasmus, Givey was born out of Ignite 100 and are supported by several VCs and Angels that help guide and invest in their work.


A visual bonanza. Xhale is a work of art. with computed visuals enacting on inputes provided changing its size and shape with user intervention, the app detects pollution in the air and determines it with white dust particles on the screen
. The particles come together and for the pollution count of the geographical location anywhere the user is in India The number deconstructs and converts into a ball and then lets the user take a lung test to examine the lung capacity. The user begins the test by blowing into the mic.
The ball disintegrates into a number which is the result of the test.


Karrmcity is a very known and reckoning name in the construction industry for affordable housing, They have been in the forray since their very inception.
Karrmcity app enables users to find houses for relocation. It also acts as a platform for the users to carry on home search and home customization

MedicareLife UK

We have made creating, managing & tracking medical appointments a key feature of this application.
The application helps identify registered medical professionals based on location and then enables the user to book an appointment with them.


UKStudyMap is a completely FREE online service to help students locate a college/ university of their choice in the UK. You can simply select the subject you want to study and/ or location where you want to pursue education and hit ‘Search’. You will be presented number of relevant colleges and universities with contact details to choose from in no time!


CricScorer is a multi club cricket tournament management application which will enable clubs to compete with each other. The admins can prepare teams, arrange them in order of innings, capture scores within 5-7 seconds on the server, update match position and flow and many more features


With myTenants all your property management and communication tools reside within one app. It’s designed to provide your tenants instant access to their accounts anytime, anywhere. Save time, reduce paper waste and eliminate unnecessary headaches by offering tenants digital access to powerful communications tools.

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