The impetus to modernize an industry is rooted in the Industry 4.x led promised returns

Benefit delivery from all end component levels and overhaul of processes to gain maximized efficiency and excellence in operations are key drivers for any industry modernization exercise. 

Enabling 'SMART' components in Manufactured Components

Remote Services or Product Diagnostic and Analysis is a becoming a featured capability in many mechatronic products, world wide.

Regardless of the sector, product line and product functions, the ability to provide simple accessibility to remote assessment and diagnostic, analysis has become a vital part of post sales, product service requirements.

HIghly standardised industries are now exploring ways to allow for full fledged machine diagnostic to sit within the machine component, carrying the machine part id's among other crucial service records for better machine usage experience delivery, customer experience delivery and user friendly operations.

mExcelle, provides frameworks and foundational solutions that can be inserted in any machinery for enabling the SMART capabilities on Manufactured components and fully finished products.

Imagine a large cluster of industries with integrated logistic and warehouse hub, operating corporate facilities, environment controlled storage capabilities and you would be imaging a modern infrastructure for food and commodities supply.

The IT infrastructure around such a facility will be able to, at the very basic level provide:

  • Perimeter Security

  • Personnel and Human Resource Management

  • Time and Payroll integration

  • Inventory and Supply Chain Statistics, Reporting

  • Productions to Shipment Tracking

  • Forecasting 

  • Incident Reporting

  • ERP+CRM and Business Intelligence

This is just what we do, we provide the barebone solution needed at holistic level to govern a highly developed industry cluster.

IT Infrastructure for SMART Facilities

mExcelle develops customized solutions for managing wide area network based operations facilities with heavy requirements on IT for operations governance.

Supply & Trade via Blockchain Based Solutions

Blockchain is one of the most debated and discussed modern frameworks to cause significant disruption in the world of trade and commerce.

mExcelle has developed blockchain based solutions for our clients, with focus on varied forms of the distributed ledger integration.

A full lifecycle integration of order to financing and payment to settlement around and commerce, on a transparent ledger has been the goal for implementing such solutions.

The advantage of using Blockchain are many, the most basic one is that of achieving trust chain in the entire network and accountability, non-repudiation along the chain, making it easier for financiers and manufacturers, suppliers and customers to fully benefit from the trust chain.

mExcelle offers a RoI design thinking model aimed at sustaining operations along the entire supply chain, with focus on Bi-Model operations i.e enabling both Centralized and Decentralized decision making, operations facilitation, Asset listing and value determination, stable and scalable architecture.

mExcelle has a team of experienced analysts that approach production management from the dimensions of:

  • Capacity

  • Capability

  • Profitability and

  • Sustainability 

Manufacturing industry has scale to capacity ratio and a minimum size of production must continue to remain financially viable.

Thus, any excess production capacity is often outsourced or co-branded manufacturing explored. We provide solutions for production optimization that will ensure that your operations are always available and profitable.

Manufacturing Productivity Solutions

Production Management always focuses on efficiency, optimized production and capacity augmentation among industries. 


Evolution of Human in to technology hybrids is already up on. It is only natural to expect process, products, decision systems and analytics that are largely human operation evolve in to a phase of hyper automation. 

wExcelle creates centers of excellence around human & technology interfaces for processes that govern our everyday business functions.

We have solutions for Healthcare, Hospitality, Security & Surveillance, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Solutions, Operations and Productivity Management, Knowledge & Innovation Process Management.