Let's face it. Anything that can be automated, is getting automated.

We provide human hybrid automation using technological solutions that enables humans and technology to better interface with process functions and apply, adapt the modern technologies to deliver rapid, highly advantageous solutions.

We are talking about faster market reach and greater accessibility, mobility, cloud presence and hyper automation of things.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions for Operations Control

Solutions for enhanced controls over operations via smart phone and other remote facilities control equipment.

With IoT'ization, every piece of machinery can be modernized and remotely interfaced for variety of purposes. This includes being able to demonstrate products - live to customers sitting in remote centers, anywhere in the globe.

Or to simply manage routine operations and take control of control units from outside of factory environments, minimize onsite human capital investments.

With accuracy in controls, the operations costs and associated analytics is poised to deliver up to 84% savings by avoiding delays in critical information relays.

We are firm believers in communications and controls, the significance they play in enabling growth or preventing losses, both real and tangible.

The business processes enabled via the use of technology and human process hybrids can deliver excellent operations control over various processes, ranging from operations routines monitoring, compliance regulations, incident reporting and alert raising, inventory controls, failsafe security & surveillance measures implementations.

The solution range is exhaustive, but the obvious outcome is not. We deliver Hyper Decision Making Solutions for operations management.

Rapid Learning & Analytics

We enable realtime information relays for operations control where in human delays in communication could be critical for loss prevention.

Hyper Automation Solutions

wExcelle is all about achieving 'Center of Excelle' around operations and Hyper Automation applies to al processes that have been standardized and automating anything that can be automated is undertaken under this service.

Hyper Automation can be achieved through use of the following technologies:

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Machine Learning

  • Chatbots/Conversational Platforms

  • Event-Driven Software

  • Process Mining/Discovery Tools


wExcelle has excellent range of experience and expertise with various technologies to deliver apt solutions that custom fit your organization.

Cloud Computing, Edge Computing have been around for sometime now, many organization have already put extremely cumbersome processes on cloud enabled ERP & CRM solutions.

wExcelle treats these native cloud based solutions as a BCP and Risk cover programs and have excellent background in ERP+CRM+Supply Chain + Workflow and multi-model operations design for hybridization of local processes in to secure accessible channels for employees and serve as a supply chain, production risk mitigation function.

All solutions that can be mobilized and accessed on cloud, securely and all essential business solutions should now be remotely accessible, remain accessible regardless of a pandemic or earth quake or any act of God.

Native Cloud & Secure Channel Access Solutions

Global conditions beyond our control cannot be fathomed but anticipated. An organizations risk model should allow for recovery from any situation.


Evolution of Human in to technology hybrids is already up on. It is only natural to expect process, products, decision systems and analytics that are largely human operation evolve in to a phase of hyper automation. 

wExcelle creates centers of excellence around human & technology interfaces for processes that govern our everyday business functions.

We have solutions for Healthcare, Hospitality, Security & Surveillance, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Solutions, Operations and Productivity Management, Knowledge & Innovation Process Management.