Artificial Intelligence is such a buzzword, it is time for businesses to fully explore its potentials

We help businesses adapt, custom curate and test Artificial Intelligence based solutions for business operations management. The solutions range from AI Testing, Vision Technology based process monitoring and facilities, security maintenance.

Artificial Intelligence Solution Landscape

Product Development, Analysis, Process Management, Security, Healthcare and as they say it, imagination is the limit and in this case, we won't know.

AI has an ability to surprise us.

mExcelle, like many other technology companies in the world, has already started exploring and building skills and products services using Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning.

We have and are building process specific solutions that saves time, replaces redundant resources, automates areas that need human augmented query processing and is fully evolving in to a vertical of its own.

All services request for AI has been around achieving a basic capability around intelligent servicing with a product relm.

However, the products are very wide ranging and are essentially industry agnostic.

mExcelle receives wide range of inquiries about Artificial Intelligence products and so, while designing and developing a product with AI competency, we also have developed ecosystems and testing environments around the functional AI products.

AI, while is fast and accurate, is still very innocent and open to threats and vulnerabilities of early stage technologies.

For instance, self driving cars could be confused in to stopping by drawing a circle around them. 

While this environment for testing is obviously in the realm of cyber-physical systems, most AI logic tests can be performed in laboratory conditions.

mExcelle has the required infrastructure to test such technology, along with the product/service mix that they are part off.

Artificial Intelligence Threat & Security 


We test products using Artificial Intelligence and provide the constraints applicable for AI products and solutions.

Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure Services

Deploying Artificial Intelligence, the software, the hardware and the architecture, along with its security layer.

When it comes to AI infrastructure, all the big names ranging from Amazon to Google have made their presence felt as the leaders and with thousands, if not millions of users.

But, your current hardware can also be repurposed for running AI application, subject to certain scaling limitations, which is bound to be part of any initial level plans for new products and applications, however, with right architecture design, the infrastructure can be designed to meet all operational criteria for the AI product build and deployment requirements.

mExcelle provide comprehensive AI deployment infrastructure solutions along with the 

  • Software Accelerator Tools

  • Libraries

  • Data Science Frameworks

  • Orchestration

  • Automation - with Data and Training & Analytics Solution

  • Autonomous - with I/O ingestion

The primary observations for an ideal infrastructure would be around its ability for cohesive growth augmentation.

mExcelle has foundations in Python as a primary language for building AI products and solutions. The language is further supported by the following libraries and frameworks:

  • TensorFlow

  • Scikit-learn

  • PyTorch

  • Keras

  • SparkMLlib

  • MXNet

  • Theano

  • Pybrain

We also, use Java & R programming in to combination with:

  • Deep Java Library

  • KubeFlow

  • OpenNLP

  • Java-ML

  • Neuroph

  • Gmodel

  • Tm


  • OneR

As technology stacks keep evolving, we also keep training and mastering our capabilities as a business demand driven skill building exercise

Our capabilities currently are focused on enabling AI Value Chain to products and services.

Artificial Intelligence Technology Stack

Programming tools and Purpose Based Focus


Evolution of Human in to technology hybrids is already up on. It is only natural to expect process, products, decision systems and analytics that are largely human operation evolve in to a phase of hyper automation. 

wExcelle creates centers of excellence around human & technology interfaces for processes that govern our everyday business functions.

We have solutions for Healthcare, Hospitality, Security & Surveillance, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Solutions, Operations and Productivity Management, Knowledge & Innovation Process Management.