The future of artificial intelligence

Technology is improving at an incomprehensive speed, we have more sophisticated gadgets in our pockets these days more than we had in our houses in the 1990s, artificial intelligence was not a thing in the last 3 decades but now, scientists have made breakthroughs in machine learning through the use of neural networks which mimics the way real human motor neurons work. This has enabled machines to process information and perform certain tasks with high sophistication, machines can perform complex functions like face recognition, navigation, and surgeries. Now let’s see ways AI might affect us in the future.

  1. Automated Transportation In 2012, Google began testing a self-driving car and since that time, the US Department of transportation has explained automobile automatons at different levels. Automated transportation started with maps and so far that technology has been fused into almost every car, in the future, artificial intelligence in vehicles will be such that Cabs and trains will be fully aware of their destination and safe ways to navigating and in the years to come, every vehicle on the road will be aware and in real time communication with every other vehicle on the road.

  2. Cyborg Technology One of our major stumbling blocks as human beings is our body and brain, Researcher Shimon Whiteson says that in the time to come, we will be able to augment ourselves with computers and enhance our natural capabilities. Yoki Matsuka of Nest says “AI will become useful for people with amputated limbs, as the brain will be able to communicate with a robotic limb to give the patient more control. This kind of cyborg technology would significantly reduce the limitations that amputees deal with on a daily basis.” So it is evident that a lot of these cyborg enhancements will be used for the convenience of human beings.

  3. Doing Risky & dangerous jobs Robots are already doing the risky and dangerous jobs that human beings used to do, jobs like, diffusing bombs and carrying out air attacks on dangerous terrorist sites. Even though these type of robots do not work totally on AI but requires human control, they have saved a lot of lives. As AI advances, we will see an age where these robots can operate soles without real-time control from human beings. Jibs like welding, that is known for producing toxic substances, intense heat, and earsplitting noise can now be outsourced to robots to carry out with ease.

  4. Solving Green Problems Stuart Russell said that in combating climate change, AI robots will be our best bet towards winning the fight against climate change, he said that machines have more access to data than one person can ever handle, machines can store a lot of information and use the data to identify trends and solutions to solve the world’s impending problems.

  5. Diagnosing medical problems When it comes to medical diagnosis, AI looks promising in handling diagnosis more than human beings, it’s no longer going to be the case of one symptom being either as a result of A or B. there will be more precise diagnosis as well as prescriptions. AI can help in unconscious biases that can lead to a serious ailment if noticed later than supposed.


With all these benefits, it doesn’t erase the fact that If things go the wrong way and this AI becomes self-aware, mankind will lose its control over them and will work hard to learn them. Jansand says “Life is an interaction of accidental creativity and elimination of dysfunctional organisms and an AI endowed with those directives will probably be unconquerable, conscious or otherwise. The big danger today is that scientists and technicians, in general, are reasonably intelligent but businessmen and politicians and financial people can be so concerned with traditional goals that they are blind to outcomes and, as currently, can easily destroy the planet’s ability to maintain life.”

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