10 Latest Unexpected Developments in Amazon AWS

Amazon web services are advancing with great speed with a range of new products even in the midst of its competitors like Microsoft, Google, IBM, Rackspace, and Joyent. With the latest development of tools, the cloud is becoming a concierge waiting to execute an instruction that you give it. Here are 10 new developments that showcase how Amazon is refining what cloud computing is all about.

  1. Glue Data collection is more challenging than data analysis, this is a well-known fact by anybody who is into data science. With Glue, you can easily collect data, apply any necessary transforms and stick it into Amazon’s cloud. What is the Glue? Glue is a collection of python scripts which uses standard acronyms like JSON, CSV, and JDBC to collect and analyze data.

  2. FPGA A Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) has a been a secret tool of hardware designers used to build new chips out of the software. Takes the description of software on how the transistors should work and rewires itself to behave like a real chip. With Amazon’s AWS EC2 F1, one can easily create a software description of a hypothetical chip and compile it down to micro gates that will compute the results in a short time.

  3. Blox This is an open source event-driven feature that reports back eliminating the need to always poll the machines to see what they are running. Because it is an open source, it can be used outside the Amazon cloud if there is a need for that.

  4. X-Ray AWS X-ray traces the requests for data that a website receives, by aggregating the data from many instances, regions, and zones enabling the user to stop in one place to flag a recalcitrant server or a wedged database. You can keep an eye o your vast empire using only one page.

  5. Rekognition This is a new tool used for image works, rekogition searches through images for objects and faces optimizing the best known and tested machine vision and neural network encodings and algorithms. By just pointing the algorithm at an image stored on Amazon cloud, you will receive a list of objects and a confidence score that ranks how correct the answer is.

  6. Athena Athena eliminates the need to write looping code, it will run the queries on S3 using SQL syntax, if you want a data structure, all you need to do is to simply request it and S3 will look for the part you want. This will definitely impress admins.

  7. [email protected] Amazon took the idea of content delivery, which was to speed up the delivery of simple files like JPG images and CSS files by pushing out copies to a wide array of content servers a step further. Using Node.js code your codes will clone itself and respond back to you in a matter of microseconds without being network latency.

  8. Snowball Edge This is a box filled with data and it can be delivered to anywhere you want, it gives you the assurance that you are always with your data, eliminating the fear of where your data is, how you can get it and who has access to it. So when you want a copy of massive data that you posted in Amazon clouds, Amazon will copy it to the box and ship it to you.

  9. Pinpoint Amazon pinpoint helps you to target your message to a specific group of an audience after you have gathered a list of customers, members or subscribers. You need to integrate code with your app which helps you to send emails to targeted users.

  10. Polly This is a text to speech feature, it optimizes the latest generation of speech synthesis. IT uses deep learning technologies to synthesize speech that sounds like a human voice.

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