7 Things That Happen When You Are In Mobile Development

The mobile app is the trending thing, every service provider wants to tap into the mobile app ecosystem because more people can be reached with it. The mobile app and mobile app developers are on the rise every day which goes to say that users are happy with what they are presented with. These apps have to be very smart in order to deliver solutions with minimal interactions. While AI, machine learning and IoT have changed the face of mobile apps, mobile developers are faced with more demands and intense challenges in order to keep publishing even more innovative applications.

Now let’s look at the 7 things that happen when one is into mobile development.

  • Choosing The Right App to Develop The first thing that a mobile developer faces are figuring out exactly what to develop, it is safe to say that nothing is new under the sun, there are a lot of apps that offer similar services making it difficult for an app to stand out in the crowded competition. Developers are under the constant pressure of making a unique app that will offer a spectacular function and win the hearts of their target audience.

  • Optimizing The App For all Devices and Mobile Screens Optimizing an app that will run across the Android, IOS, and windows is a huge challenge. These platforms have devices that come with different specifications and screen sizes as well as resolutions. So developing an app that can perform optimally across all screen sizes is a challenge for developers. Each time an app is developed, the need to meet the unique requirement of the targeted devices is paramount while optimizing the app for different screen sizes.

  • The simplicity of Design and Use So many things have changed, no one has the time to read user manuals before making use of some gadgets or machines, the complexity of the design and use scares users away, as a developer, your app should be user-friendly and also have a clean user interface without compromising on the unique functionality and features. Making the combination of simplicity and serviceability a challenge for developers.

  • Battery Life vs. App Performance This also talks about the need to solicit for feedback from testers, battery life is essential for the usability of an app, users will not appreciate an app that drains their battery so quickly, overheats their devices or makes them carry a backup power source always. It is therefore important that developers release a better version of the app several months before the official date of release so as to get feedback from all users so as to run a quick tweak on features that ensure that the app is power saving. The thing here is to develop an app that is bug-free, high performance and does not devour stored power.

  • Price and Competition There are companies that produce poorly developed apps at very cheap prices making it difficult for a professional developer to convince his clients on a tight budget to invest more into their mobile development if they want something that is unique from scratch instead of copying someone else’s poorly made app with their logo in the background.

  • Establishing an Instant Connection With End Users Developers face a cumbersome challenge with building a strong relationship with the end users, being in contact with the end users will help the developer to update his works with innovative features that will connect instantly with the needs of the end users. This relationship is easily formed from working on reviews and feedbacks. Mobile App Marketing and Promotion Marketing and promotion of mobile apps is key to growing awareness for mobile apps and their developers which eventually leads to the success of the app and its developers. The challenge that developers will face is the need to multitask and become both a developer and a marketer. They need to learn the principles of SEO and ASO and other online affiliative activities. The way around this challenge is to engage the services of a creative ad and marketing agency.


With the ever-growing competition in the world of mobile developers, it is important for developers to tighten their grip and face the intimidating challenges they face, remembering that these challenges present a boundless sea of opportunities if only they can utilize technological insight and versatile skillset to make their works standout of the crowded market.

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