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This is where we speak about our core strengths in developing mobile applications/products along with services we provide.

AppleiOSLets adhere to.. Sophistication!!

The process of designing an iOS application is uniquely different from the traditional mobile development methodologies. Harnessing the powerful Objective C and the now popular SWIFT programming language, the Human interface Guidelines, Design Guidelines along with the underlying powerful iOS 8 and its strong frameworks, developing applications for the iOS is our forte.
Moreover it is coupled with powerful tools for memory management, and application submission. Our experience on iOS is backed by industry specialists who have around 5+ years of average experience and expertise in the domain.

GoogleAndroidLets speak... Materials!!

Android OS enables developers having years of experience in the Java environment develop powerful applications. The sophisticated architecture designed and governed by Google, the android space comprises of Android Software Development Kit (SDK), OpenGL, 3D graphics, Android Media APIs, Location–based Service APIs, Wi–Fi APIs, Android Security Architecture and other tools and technologies required to build world class Android applications.
Our experience on Android is backed by industry specialists who have around 4+ years of average experience and expertise in the domain.

PhoneGap | Ionic | Parseweb it, package it and distribute it

At mExcelle We provide hybrid application development using technologies such as PhoneGap, ionic and Parse frameworks was the defining architecture. This helps enable a comprehensive set of api’s for developing mobile applications using JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 and using a power of Facebook based frameworks. The underlying code is compiled to the platform of the target device. The resulting applications are hybrid, meaning that they are neither truly native mobile application, but are packaged as apps for distribution..

Webservice DevelopmentLets connect them... Both!!

By using Webservices an application can publish its function or message to the rest of the world. Web services use XML to code and to decode data, and SOAP/Rest to transport it (using open protocols).
Web services can help to solve the interoperability problem by giving different applications a way to link their data. With Web services you can exchange data between different applications and different platforms. Our specialized team can help you harness the power of webservices into your every application development needs.

B2B and eCommerceLets build something... Cool!!

If you are starting down the road to creating a B2B e-commerce site, it is important to know customers come to your site with certain expectations
At the most simplest level, your customers expect to Find what they are looking for, act on that information simply and intuitively, have a consistent experience across channels and devices. We are your one stop solution for all these.

Intranet web applicationswork out your needs!!

An intranet application is used primarily on the internal network of an organization for its employees and co-staff. They are developed using web internet technology making them accessible through web browsers such as Internet Explorer.
Our team is well equipped with knowledge, experience and expertise to carry out any intranet based application developments

Services we offerYou name it... We have it... Of course mobile!!

mExcelle provides development services across verticals. Whether it be Educational apps, Fashion and lifestyle apps, Logistics apps, Car rental apps, Medical and hospital apps ...we can do all from the inception to the execution and delivery.